Tear-Off, Roof Recovers, Direct Overlays

ICRS offers many services, some of which include roof tear-off, roof recovers/direct overlays.


At ICRS, our roof tear-off process is done expediently and efficiently! We protect your property during the process, discard the old materials, and leave the roof deck ready for it’s new look! 

We go the extra mile to protect your landscape by using tarps and other materials necessary to avoid damage. When ICRS leaves the site, you will never know we were there!


Roof Recovering is the process of installing an additional roof covering over a prepared existing roof  - all without removing the existing one. Many times it is more cost efficient to recover as opposed to replace. Let the pros at ICRS help you determine which option is best for you and your budget. 

What are the benefits?
Why should you use Integrity Commercial Roof Systems?

Don't Compromise Quality
When it comes to your roof, the word "compromise" isn't in our vocabulary! Integrity Commercial Roof Systems has a very strong record of working to evaluate and determine the best and most cost-effective option for each unique roofing system, all without compromising quality or service. Don’t settle for anything less than ICRS! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Thermal Image Technology
ICRS offers Thermal Image Technology to our customers, allowing us to take aerial drone pictures and videos to inspect every aspect of your roof system. Thermal technology allows us to see if your existing flat roof system is saturated. We also use this service to find air leaks and moisture leaks in the walls of your building. GIve us a call today!
Our Fluid Applied Coating System is extremely efficient in reducing roof heat which in turn will reduce the amount of heat in your building. Proven statistics show a 40% decrease in roof heat.This is vitally important in the Commercial Roofing Industry as utility costs continue to rise.  Let our experts show you how we can save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!